Swim Coach! Diving in Deep

By Dusty Kohl

Swim Coach! Diving in Deep - Dusty Kohl
  • Title: Swim Coach! Diving in Deep
  • By: Dusty Kohl
  • Release Date: 2014-12-01
  • Genre: Gay

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This novel is #2 of the SWIM COACH! series.
The characters survive high school graduation and begin full adult life while in college. Diving in deep is not about the water, but about Shane’s life. His circumstances continue to take unpredictable twists and turns as he begins to outgrow his need of a life swim coach. Shane’s job as chief director for The Dawg House Studios Dawg On Productions Adult DVDs, brings challenges to his private relationship and temptations to his sense of morality. His friendships grow deeper, his relationships morph, and still more local legends and curses surface unpredictably. Shane struggles to take control of his life and his destiny.
The deeper planes and tougher players of the opposing ethereal battles arise demanding a leader in the struggle from within those shadowed areas between right and wrong. Only a few believe Shane is up to the task. But then, only a few know of the role in need of a principal contender. Shane continues to be groomed for the leadership position, still unaware of the responsibilities awaiting him.
Diving in Deep begins with Shane’s guided tour of his own life thus far. He includes some insights which are important to understanding the development of his value systems and self-fulfilled prophecies. His Once in a Lifetime Love is dead. Now he placates his loss with a relationship which is less than perfect. Shane sacrifices much to keep this relationship alive, and questions if any relationship will ever be right for him.
Still reluctant to realize that he is stronger than he wants to be, Shane tries to be more selective of people on whom he depends and becomes more capable of standing up for himself. He is called on to intervene when providence threatens those he loves.
Again and many times, Mikey steps forward to aid his best friend. But maybe Mikey is in need of reciprocity for that devotion. Shane’s connection of the heart isn’t limited to his brothers, but expanded by love. He questions if brotherhood is a group strength that he can count on, and if it is a strength worthy of his own investment for others. Brothers have a bond of love that can tolerate much and bring strength when needed the most. He hopes it is a power that can carry him through unimaginable disasters. Shane seeks a force that can overcome death’s dark wall of separation as he sets out to rescue his loved ones from the grasp of fate’s demise.
Born in a small Near-west town, Shane has his own indigenous ways of saying anything. Shane goes through off and on cycles of peppering his language with various expletives. He still avoids the pronoun I as much as possible. His incomplete sentence structure at times is ordinary for him and occasionally emphasizes his points.
Diving in Deep does not give verbatim depictions of explicit sexual acts. Dusty Kohl attempts to paint such scenes with metaphor, vagueness, emotion, and dialogue to allow each reader his/her own interpretation and choice of comprehension.
This book contains some adult same-sex situations, suggestive language, and references to violence. The characters, events, and firms herein are fictitious. Any similarity to actual persons (living or dead), or to actual events or firms is purely coincidental.