UX and UI Design, A Case Study On Approaches To User Experience And Interface Architecture

By Glenn Ward

UX and UI Design, A Case Study On Approaches To User Experience And Interface Architecture - Glenn Ward
  • Title: UX and UI Design, A Case Study On Approaches To User Experience And Interface Architecture
  • By: Glenn Ward
  • Release Date: 2014-03-04
  • Genre: Marketing & Sales

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I’m sure you’ve had similar experiences. A group of people, often not marketers, analytics experts, website designers or usability experts are pulled from around the business and tasked with coming up with the companies website concept. The end result will inevitably be an online brochure that makes sense to the internal stakeholders and no sense to the end user. Where perspective can add value to this process in the conception of a business website is from someone or a team not from the industry, better still someone who could be a potential buyer of the websites products. A team that is focused on the surrounding communication platforms, external environment and traffic funnels rather than just the website.

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