Crypt of Bone, An Arkane Thriller (Book 2)

By J.F. Penn

Crypt of Bone, An Arkane Thriller (Book 2) - J.F. Penn
  • Title: Crypt of Bone, An Arkane Thriller (Book 2)
  • By: J.F. Penn
  • Release Date: 2014-01-24
  • Genre: Action & Adventure
    Ratings: 4 From 26 Reviews

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The prophecy in Revelation declares that a quarter of the world must die and now a shadowy organization has the ability to fulfill these words. Can one woman stop the abomination before it's too late? 

ISRAEL. A victim of Jerusalem Syndrome jumps to his death from the top of the Western Wall, his body smashed on the ancient stones. Another disembowels himself under the scrawled figure of the Pale Horse of the Apocalypse with the chilling words, "God told me to do it."

Dr Morgan Sierra, specialist in psychology of religion, travels to Israel to investigate the deaths and becomes embroiled in an international conspiracy that will use cutting-edge technology to carry an ancient curse to mankind. 

She joins agent Jake Timber at ARKANE, a secret government agency investigating the supernatural and together they hunt down the Devil's Bible, pursued all the way by the evil forces of Thanatos. 

From the catacombs of Paris to the skeletal ossuaries of Sicily and the Czech Republic, Morgan and Jake must find the Devil's Bible and stop the curse being released into the world before one in four are destroyed in the coming holocaust. Because in just seven days, the final curse will be spoken and the prophecy will be fulfilled.

If you love a fast-paced thriller with religious themes, download a sample or buy CRYPT OF BONE now.

"The final showdown between Morgan and the forces of evil will stay with you long after you have finished this compelling, page-turning thriller."

"With a mix of historical facts and fiction, the characters are caught up in a good vs evil ride through Revelation and the end times."

"Like Dan Brown, Penn weaves information about religious art, icons and history with modern-day fears."

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