Swift, Silent, and Deadly

By Bruce Meyers

Swift, Silent, and Deadly - Bruce Meyers
  • Title: Swift, Silent, and Deadly
  • By: Bruce Meyers
  • Release Date: 2013-12-15
  • Genre: Military

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An experienced reconnaissance Marine officer, Bruce Meyers paints a colorful and accurate picture of the special recon landings that preceded every major amphibious operation in the Pacific War. Credited with saving countless lives, these Marine scouts went in stealthily at night from submarines, PT boats, Catalinas, and high-speed transports. Swift, silent, and deadly, they landed on more than two hundred enemy beaches, from Tarawa to Guadalcanal, Iwo Jima, and Okinawa to collect intelligence on potential landing sites. They measured water depths, charted coral heads, gathered soil samples, sought out enemy locations, and took photographs. In short, they obtained information vital to the success of American operations in the Pacific.

This book represents the first time World War II Marine recon landings have been chronicled. Meyers explains that only the story of their contributions in later wars has been previously documented. His book describes the start of it all, letting readers join the men as they slip over the sides of their rubber boats and make their way inland. Only now can the public appreciate the accomplishments of these daring and intrepid Marines.

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