What the French?!

By Marc Olivier & Andrew Livingston

What the French?! - Marc Olivier & Andrew Livingston

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What The French?! is not your grandpa's textbook. It isn't your textbook, either; it's the book you wish they made you use. Think of it as more of a pal who knows French grammar inside and out, who tells it to you straight and doesn't treat you like an idiot, but who is also perfectly fine with you learning at your own pace. 

This book has everything you need to learn French grammar from the ground up (high school through at least second-year college) or to refresh your memory after taking a break from studying French, whether that’s one semester or forty years.

It's comprehensive:
verb conjugation in all major tenses (and moods!) verb usage in sentences nouns, with special attention to irregular forms personal pronouns relative pronouns articles (definite, indefinite, and partitive) adjectives, with special attention to irregular forms adverbs prepositions details and exceptions asking questions bossing people around and tons more, seriously. You're tired of reading this list, right?
What The French?! features: 
plenty of interactive quizzes  memorably weird example sentences  illustrations all over the place
This book is NOT a guide to French culture, literature, vocabulary, or politics and will NOT give you sound relationship advice. No mimes were harmed in the making of this book...but we really wanted to.
about the authors:
Marc Olivier has a PhD in French Literature from the University of Washington, and is a tenured French professor with awards in teaching and distance learning. He writes academic articles that nobody reads on random topics like eighteenth-century entomology, horror films, and death by nostalgia.
Andrew Livingston is currently a PhD student in Linguistics. In addition to teaching advanced French grammar as an undergraduate, he has played electric banjo in a band and draws a daily webcomic. Andrew’s other languages of interest include Arabic, Bislama and this one obscure Polynesian language you’ve probably never heard of. NOTE: To view the book in portrait mode, go to any page, tap to see the menu bar appear, click the "A" in the menu bar and click "scrolling view".

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