Gulliver's Travels + FREE Audiobook Included

By Jonathan Swift & Louis Rhead

Gulliver's Travels + FREE Audiobook Included - Jonathan Swift & Louis Rhead

More by Jonathan Swift & Louis Rhead : Gulliver's Travels + FREE Audiobook Included

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Gulliver's Travels describes the four fantastic voyages of Lemuel Gulliver, a kindly ship's surgeon. Swift portrays him as an observer, a reporter, and a victim of circumstance. His travels take him to Lilliput where he is a giant observing tiny people. In Brobdingnag, the tables are reversed and he is the tiny person in a land of giants where he is exhibited as a curiosity at markets and fairs. The flying island of Laputa is the scene of his next voyage. The people plan and plot as their country lies in ruins. It is a world of illusion and distorted values. The fourth and final voyage takes him to the home of the Houyhnhnms, gentle horses who rule the land. He also encounters Yahoos, filthy bestial creatures who resemble humans. (Wikipedia)

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