The Perfect Host

By Robert C. Martin

The Perfect Host - Robert C. Martin
  • Title: The Perfect Host
  • By: Robert C. Martin
  • Release Date: 2012-07-20
  • Genre: Horror

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A DARK ANCIENT ENEMY LIES WITHIN A GATEWAY BETWEEN EXISTENCES WAITING TO BE INVITED INTO THE MATERIAL WORLD Since the beginning, mankind has asked whether we exist after death. Through the ages, we have developed our beliefs from religious sources and those who claim that they have been in contact with the dead. To date, we still have no real scientific evidence to suggest that there is an afterlife. Until recently, no genuine or serious scientific research has been undertaken. Damien Driscoll always had a profound interest in the afterlifeever since an event that occurred during his childhood. After his mothers funeral, the young boy was confronted by an apparition of his dead mother. Years later, Damien became a renowned anaesthetist based at St. Bartholomews Hospital in London. He eagerly agreed to become involved in a research project involving near-death-experience phenomena. He interviewed several patients who had NDEs and, with the help of the hospital, managed to gain a research grant. The ultimate plan was to raise the profile of the hospital. During his research, he discovered that two of his patients (during their near-death experiences) were confronted by the ghost of a troubled girl seeking help to right a wrong. This opened up a dangerous mystery involving events from the hospitals grim past. This is the story of a man in pursuit of the truth, which will have serious implications for him and the whole of mankind.

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