FileMaker & Me

By Michael Rocharde

FileMaker & Me - Michael Rocharde
  • Title: FileMaker & Me
  • By: Michael Rocharde
  • Release Date: 2012-05-31
  • Genre: Programming
    Ratings: 4.5 From 12 Reviews

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This new, interactive, multi-media text book takes a completely fresh, and thought provoking, approach to developing FileMaker solutions. Focussed on interface design, the author starts with the premise that function should follow form; which means you start with the interface and build from there. Critically acclaimed by some of the top FileMaker developers in the world, developers at all levels should find something in it for them.

Geoff Ryle, co-founder of Excelisys had this to say:

Among the plethora of FileMaker books that have been published, this book really stands out not specifically as a bible or tutorial (there are enough of those) but instead by offering insight only a seasoned developer can provide. Michael offers a unique perspective on building solutions based on his experiences — the good, the bad and the ugly — which combined gave way to his methods that promote a different approach to development, emphasizing form followed by function and always putting the user experience first. This book is an excellent addition to any developer’s library of resources.

With chapters on:

• Finding a Starting Point
• Reworking Somebody Else’s Design
• Reworking Your Own Design
• WYS is not always WYG
• Using Tab Panels
• Using Conditional Formatting
• Understanding and Using Variables
• The Power of Virtual List
• Scripting
• Tips & Tricks
and much, much more

Includes dozens of interface examples from some of the best interface designers in the FileMaker® community, hundreds of screenshots and pages of useful resources to help you on your journey.

Written by Michael Rocharde, a full time professional FileMaker® developer since 1987, FileMaker & Me is an ebook written to challenge and inspire FileMaker developers from the absolute beginner to the most expert in the community. It was created for the iPad®, using iBooks Author and is only available from the iTunes® Store.

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