Calculus Study Guide

By David McMahon

Calculus Study Guide - David McMahon
  • Title: Calculus Study Guide
  • By: David McMahon
  • Release Date: 2012-02-07
  • Genre: Mathematics

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Calculus Study Guide is suitable as a supplemental text to first year college calculus or for AP Calculus courses. Book includes text and interactive quizzes. 

Topics covered include:

*  How to calculate limits
*  Limits at Infinity and infinite limits
*  One-sided limits
*  Continuity
*  L'Hopitals rule
*  Computing derivatives
*  Product, quotient, and power rules
*  Limits and derivatives of trig functions
*  Applications of the derivative
*  Basic techniques of integration and introduction to Reiman sums
*  Integration by u-substitution
*  Integration by parts
*  Partial fractions
*  Integration of rational functions
*  Integrating powers of trig functions
*  Trig substitution
*  Improper Integrals
*  Infinite series and sequences
*  An intro to differential equations

The emphasis is on quick definitions and showing how to solve problems. Standard problem sets with solutions plus interactive quizzes allow the reader to test their knowledge. An interactive final exam is provided at the end of the text to gauge progress in understanding of calculus.

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