Building iOS Apps

By David McMahon

Building iOS Apps - David McMahon
  • Title: Building iOS Apps
  • By: David McMahon
  • Release Date: 2012-01-30
  • Genre: Programming
    Ratings: 1 From 6 Reviews

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Learn basic iPhone/iPad programming with Xcode 4 with tutorials plus videos!

Xcode is the best way to develop native iPhone/iPad apps. Learn the basic steps to perform basic tasks like displaying and saving images, transitioning between screens, and playing sounds, videos and mp3 files. Note that this book is designed for XCode beginners. If you are an expert this book is not for you, but if you are a beginner with Xcode then this book will help you make iPhone and iPad apps. Tutorials cover developing code in simple, step-by-step fashion. Source code examples are simple so easier to understand. Each example covers a single task and these solutions can be put together to build your own fully functional apps you could submit to the app store. 

This book is suitable for developers who have programming backgrounds but have never used Xcode, or for very beginners or anyone who wants to make an iPhone/iPad app. 

Chapters include:

* Overview of Xcode interface
*  Hello World app
*  Using Message Boxes
*  UIAlertView
*  Building a simple web browser
*  Sending Email from an app
*  Using Activity Indicator View
*  Saving Images
*  Split-View apps on iPad
*  Table Views
*  Playing audio and video
*  Displaying PDF documents
*  Tabbar applications
*  Core Image
*  Map View Applications
*  Using HTML documents in your apps
*  Posting to Facebook and Twitter

And more! This book includes 8 video tutorials.