iPad Sketchbook 3 (Enhanced Version)

By Ira Altschiller

iPad Sketchbook 3 (Enhanced Version) - Ira Altschiller
  • Title: iPad Sketchbook 3 (Enhanced Version)
  • By: Ira Altschiller
  • Release Date: 2015-09-20
  • Genre: Art & Architecture

Primary: iPad Sketchbook 3 (Enhanced Version).pdf - 34,243 KB/Sec

Mirror [#1]: iPad Sketchbook 3 (Enhanced Version).pdf - 32,423 KB/Sec

Mirror [#2]: iPad Sketchbook 3 (Enhanced Version).pdf - 26,421 KB/Sec

More by Ira Altschiller : iPad Sketchbook 3 (Enhanced Version)

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This is the third in a series of digital sketchbooks containing expressive images created on the iPad. This is an enhanced eBook, with animations which depict the creation of several images. This sketchbook includes the most recently created images in the series;  97 visionary images and 5 fascinating videos.

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