Red Scarf Girl

By Ji-li Jiang

Red Scarf Girl - Ji-li Jiang
  • Title: Red Scarf Girl
  • By: Ji-li Jiang
  • Release Date: 2010-10-26
  • Genre: Biography
    Ratings: 4 From 219 Reviews

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This accessible autobiography is the true story of one girl's determination to hold her family together during one of the most terrifying eras of the twentieth century.

It's 1966, and twelve-year-old Ji-li Jiang has everything a girl could want: brains, friends, and a bright future in Communist China. But it's also the year that China's leader, Mao Ze-dong, launches the Cultural Revolution—and Ji-li's world begins to fall apart. Over the next few years, people who were once her friends and neighbors turn on her and her family, forcing them to live in constant terror of arrest. When Ji-li's father is finally imprisoned, she faces the most difficult dilemma of her life.

A personal and painful memoir—a page-turner as well as excellent material for social studies curricula—Red Scarf Girl also includes a thorough glossary and pronunciation guide.

Supports the Common Core State Standards

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