365 Days to Level up Purpose and Passion

By Michael Assibey-Bonsu

365 Days to Level up Purpose and Passion - Michael Assibey-Bonsu
  • Title: 365 Days to Level up Purpose and Passion
  • By: Michael Assibey-Bonsu
  • Release Date: 2018-05-11
  • Genre: Biographies & Memoirs

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This is a short description by the author, Michael Assibey-Bonsu, on how living the 365 principles for 365 days, found in this book, propelled him profoundly forward in life. The principles outlined in this book have completely shifted the way I see and view life on a day-to-day basis. Take, for example, the three deepest internalized principles of self-awareness, complete expression, and three for eight and ten for thirty. At the beginning of 2017, when I began to internally understand and practice these, they allowed me to uncover and harness my passion, which had always been loosely tied to business and people. From becoming self-aware and understanding my passions, I began to completely express myself as who I am, nothing more and nothing less, which uncovered access to numerous untapped gifts and strengths I had no idea existed within me. This is how my startup companies of Nector and Digital Proof came into being and also how my latest project, Social Proof, is unfolding. These have all been created as a result of me following my passions, from self-awareness to completely expressing myself, together with living the 365 principles expressed in this book. From that point forward, the world and my purpose therein became clear, and the companies and teams I was able to build evolved effortlessly, as if an unseen yet guiding hand was directing me. I realized how everything had converged and, as a result, was able to continue adding more ideas and further innovation, which led to me understanding that I had tapped into my purpose, creating a bright and futuristic feeling. Thereafter, I followed the principle of three for eight and ten for thirty, which is the view that the future is bright and my purpose is even brighter. So the understanding that it will take a while to fully come to fruition leads to the realization and acceptance of the number of years I will have to keep moving toward my goals so as to reach who I was created to be. With these principles, the way is now clear, and I wake every day with a sense of fulfillment, regardless of the understanding of how long it may take. I now know what the end feels and looks like, which ultimately balances my passion and my purpose. This is such a powerful state of mind, and the greatest gift of wisdom that has been given to me by God the creator thus far. By positioning myself for greatness and following these 365 drops of wisdom, I wake up every day satisfied, before Ive even reached my best self. These principles are not mine alone, but they are ours to share with all. I truly hope that my journey in following these 365 truths is emulated by many others and that they also reap the benefits and future they richly deserve. The present is bright, the past is forgotten, and the future is clear.

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