Dive Into SpriteKit

By Paul Hudson

Dive Into SpriteKit - Paul Hudson
  • Title: Dive Into SpriteKit
  • By: Paul Hudson
  • Release Date: 2017-10-17
  • Genre: Programming

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There are lots of SpriteKit books out there, but Dive Into SpriteKit is the first to introduce a new teaching approach that puts your choices right into the games you make.

Four projects: Dive Into SpriteKit gives you four complete game projects for iPad, all built on top of SpriteKit – Apple's high-performance 2D games framework.

Short chapters: Each step is written to be as short as possible, so you can make steady progress every five minutes and see your creation come to life.

You're in control: At key points the book stops and asks you to decide what should happen next – your choices then affect how the project continues.

200+ Combinations: The book's four projects fan out to over 200 possible combinations as you make choices that decide how your game should look and work.

Dive Into SpriteKit starts with four projects, but each project evolves into over 50 combinations as you make choices that decide how the game should develop.

For example, the first project teaches you how to make a fast-paced side-scrolling game that could be a space rocket flying around asteroids, a motorbike dodging cars, or a submarine steering clear of mines.

But then should the player control the game by tilting their iPad, or by touching and dragging their sprite? And should they earn points by collecting coins, or by staying alive as long as possible?

These choices and more are presented while you follow the project, helping ensure you learn the parts that interest you most, make the game you want to make, and most importantly have fun too.

Alongside the book you'll also get a companion app you can build and run on your app, which gives you the source code for each project at every step, plus a button that lets you launch the game immediately to see how it looks – check out the video below to see the companion app in action.

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