The Better Man Project

By Bill Phillips

The Better Man Project - Bill Phillips
  • Title: The Better Man Project
  • By: Bill Phillips
  • Release Date: 2015-06-02
  • Genre: Health & Fitness

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The Definitive Owner's Manual to the Male Body--One That's as Fun as It Is Useful!

The Better Man Project is the ultimate handbook for any man who wants to live longer and, just as importantly, better.

Written by Bill Phillips, editor-in-chief of Men's Health-the world's largest and most respected men's magazine-this 352-page manual is packed with thousands of useful tips and action items to upgrade your diet, fitness, health, relationships, career, and more (as quickly as possible), plus specific do-it-yourself plans to make you the best man you can be.

The Better Man Project isn't just a reference guide to life. It's a great read too, with every health and fitness tip served with a side of Men's Health's trademark authority and humor. You'll feel stronger and healthier. You'll be stoked about waking up and attacking your day. You'll be more impressed than ever, no matter your age, by the guy staring back at you in the mirror. And, let's just say it: Your wife or girlfriend will probably be 20 to 25 percent more into you.

Features include:
* Health and fitness self-tests so you can see how you stack up against other guys your age.
* The 70 powerfoods than all men should be eating
* A decade-by-decade cheat sheet of all the diagnostic tests you should have, and when.
* A troubleshooter's guide to common ailments and quick home remedies.
* Simple workouts that will help you pack on total-body muscle, find your abs, build big arms, or lose your belly fat.
* Special features on protecting your telomeres, reversing diabetes, preventing heart disease, and staving off dementia.
* 35 do-it-yourself projects that will make you more interesting, improve your posture, fix your diet, earn you a promotion, fill your wallet, and much more!

Flat belly. Strong muscles. Career success. More respect. Greater happiness. Boatloads of fun. Good health for life! The Better Man Project shows you the way.

You deserve better. Start today.

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