Quests And Character Development in Kingdom Come Deliverance

By Jacek Stranger & GRY-Online S.A.

Quests And Character Development in Kingdom Come Deliverance - Jacek Stranger & GRY-Online S.A.

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This comprehensive game guide to Kingdom Come Deliverance contains valuable tips, hints and a detailed walkthrough for the medieval RPG. It includes starting tips for beginners, combat guide, trophies and achievements, quest description, and maps.
The guide's main focus is to provide various starting tips. Thanks to them you should be able to learn all of the basic gameplay rules and survive the first few hours. Other pages contain descriptions of topics such as combat, character progression, travelling around the game's world, meeting with NPCs, equipment management or using alchemy.
A lot of time and effort was put into the FAQ chapter. There, you can learn how to get rich fast, how to find a good weapon and armor with ease, which abilities should be unlocked first, how to win bigger battles, how to act when your character is caught red-handed or how to successfully sneak into enemy camps.
The chapter dedicated to achievements is another important part. There, you can find a full list of trophies and Steam achievements along with tips that will help you unlock them. The final part of the guide consists of world atlas which features high-resolution maps of the entire world with the most important locations marked on them.
The guide for Kingdom Come: Deliverance also offers a detailed walkthrough. There, you can find solutions for both the main quests (divided into acts) and the side quests that you can unlock by talking with NPCs. Their descriptions contain information that can help you start them, what are your possible rewards for finishing a given quest and different ways of completing them. Many quests in the game aren't linear which is also mentioned in their descriptions. You can also check future consequences of your actions.
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