The Confounding Case Of The Carisbrook Emeralds

By Stephanie Laurens

The Confounding Case Of The Carisbrook Emeralds - Stephanie Laurens
  • Title: The Confounding Case Of The Carisbrook Emeralds
  • By: Stephanie Laurens
  • Release Date: 2018-06-14
  • Genre: Historical
    Ratings: 5 From 8 Reviews

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#1 New York Times-bestselling author Stephanie Laurens brings you a tale of emerging and also established love and the many facets of family, interwoven with mystery and murder.

A young lady accused of theft and the gentleman who elects himself her champion enlist the aid of Stokes, Barnaby, Penelope, and friends in pursuing justice, only to find themselves tangled in a web of inter-family tensions and secrets.

When Miss Cara Di Abaccio is accused of stealing the Carisbrook emeralds by the infamously arrogant Lady Carisbrook and marched out of her guardian’s house by Scotland Yard’s finest, Barnaby Adair’s cousin Hugo Adair takes umbrage and descends on Scotland Yard, breathing fire in Cara’s defense.

Hugo discovers Inspector Stokes has been assigned to the case, and after surveying the evidence thus far, Stokes calls in his big guns when it comes to dealing with investigations in the ton—namely, the Honorable Barnaby Adair and his wife, Penelope.

Soon convinced of Cara’s innocence and, given Hugo’s apparent tendre for Cara needing to clear her name, Penelope and Barnaby join Stokes and his team in pursuing the emeralds and, most importantly, who stole them.

But the deeper our intrepid investigators delve into the Carisbrook household, the more certain they become that all is not as it should be. Lady Carisbrook is a harpy, Franklin Carisbrook is secretive, Julia Carisbrook is overly timid, and Lord Carisbrook, otherwise a genial and honorable gentleman, holds himself distant from his family. More, his lordship attempts to shut down the investigation. And Stokes, Barnaby, and Penelope are convinced the Carisbrooks’ staff are not sharing all they know.

Meanwhile, appointed Cara’s watchdog until the mystery is resolved, Hugo, fascinated by Cara as he’s been with no other, seeks to entertain and amuse her…and, increasingly intently, to discover the way to her heart. Consequently, Penelope finds herself juggling the attractions of the investigation and the Adair family’s demands for her to actively encourage the budding romance.

What would her mentors advise? On that, Penelope is crystal clear.

Aided by Griselda, Violet, and Montague and calling on contacts in business, the underworld, and ton society, Penelope, Barnaby, and Stokes battle to peel back each layer of subterfuge and, step by step, eliminate the innocent and follow the emeralds’ trail…

Yet instead of becoming clearer, the veils and shadows shrouding the Carisbrooks only grow murkier…until, abruptly, our investigators find themselves facing an inexplicable death, with a potential murderer whose conviction would shake society to its back teeth.

A historical novel of 78,000 words interweaving mystery, romance, and social intrigue.

Praise for the works of Stephanie Laurens

“Stephanie Laurens’ heroines are marvelous tributes to Georgette Heyer: feisty and strong.” Cathy Kelly

“Stephanie Laurens never fails to entertain and charm her readers with vibrant plots, snappy dialogue, and unforgettable characters.” Historical Romance Reviews

“Stephanie Laurens plays into readers’ fantasies like a master and claims their hearts time and again.” Romantic Times Magazine

Praise for The Cofounding Case of the Carisbrook Emeralds
“(An) alluring mystery brimming with red herrings, lots of intrigue, and that perfect touch of romance for which Laurens is rightly revered.” Angela M., Copy Editor, Red Adept Editing

“Laurens crafts a story as elegant as the gentlemen and women who populate it.” Kim H., Proofreader, Red Adept Editing

"I really enjoyed this well-written historical mystery novel! The characters unravel exciting plot twists and turns as they investigate the disappearance of a famous set of emeralds." Kristina B., Proofreader, Red Adept Editing

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