Lexie Starr Cozy Mysteries Boxed Set (Three Complete Cozy Mysteries in One)

By Jeanne Glidewell

Lexie Starr Cozy Mysteries Boxed Set (Three Complete Cozy Mysteries in One) - Jeanne Glidewell
  • Title: Lexie Starr Cozy Mysteries Boxed Set (Three Complete Cozy Mysteries in One)
  • By: Jeanne Glidewell
  • Release Date: 2015-09-05
  • Genre: Cozy

More by Jeanne Glidewell : Lexie Starr Cozy Mysteries Boxed Set (Three Complete Cozy Mysteries in One)

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Join widowed library assistant and amateur sleuth Lexie Starr on her first three encounters with mayhem, murder, and a potential suitor.

Book 1: Lexie Starr accidently discovers that her new son-in-law may be guilty of murdering his first wife. Then Lexie's daughter, Wendy, disappears.
Book 2: At the Grand Opening of a local B&B, the Historical Society's president is found murdered in the inn's grandest suite, and Lexie, much to the owner's chagrin, horns her way in on the investigation.
Book 3: Lexie Starr has converted her boyfriend's B&B into a haunted house for Halloween. But when a young college student is found truly dead in the makeshift coffin in the parlor, Lexie fears for her boyfriend's business and sets out to solve the murder.

". . . rapidly paced tongue-in-cheek humor provides plenty of laugh-out-loud moments." ~Booklist
"The Lexie Starr mysteries have just the right hint of romance." ~Jill Churchill, author of the Jane Jeffry and Grace and Favor series
"I love Lexie Starr. She can get into more trouble. . ." ~Alice Duncan, author of The Daisy Gumm Majesty Mystery Series

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Rip Tide
Ripped to Shreds
Rip Your Heart Out
Ripped Apart

Leave No Stone Unturned
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