Blondes of Bel Air

By Cindy Bokma & Kristen Docker

Blondes of Bel Air - Cindy Bokma & Kristen Docker

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Lily Madison-Vaughn and Gemma Perry may not have wanted uber-unpopular Taylor French at their party—but they certainly didn’t want her dead. But when the unthinkable happens, Lily and Gemma fear for their futures and quickly shift into cover-up mode.

Meanwhile, television producer Freddy Levin blows into town to film a new reality show based on the privileged and glamorous students of Bel Air High. The missing student angle is too juicy for Freddy to resist. Lily and Gemma concoct an elaborate ruse to keep Taylor’s death a secret while they jockey for air time and celeb status.

With cameras constantly rolling and their clique acting stranger and stranger, the girls search frantically for a way out of the mess they’ve made. But where do you turn when your popularity is on the line and everyone has a secret?

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