Pro Continuous Delivery

By Nikhil Pathania

Pro Continuous Delivery - Nikhil Pathania
  • Title: Pro Continuous Delivery
  • By: Nikhil Pathania
  • Release Date: 2017-07-03
  • Genre: Programming

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Follow this step-by-step guide for creating a continuous delivery pipeline using all of the new features in Jenkins 2.0 such as Pipeline as a Code, multi-branch pipeline, and more. You will learn three crucial elements for achieving a faster software delivery pipeline: a fungible build/test environment, manageable and reproducible pipelines, and a scalable build/test infrastructure. 
Pro Continuous Delivery demonstrates how to create a highly available, active/passive Jenkins server using some niche technologies.
What You'll Learn:Create a highly available, active/passive Jenkins server using CoreOS and Docker, and using Pacemaker and Corosync
Use a Jenkins multi-branch pipeline to automatically perform continuous integration whenever there is a new branch in your source control system
Describe your continuous delivery pipeline with Jenkinsfile
Host Jenkins server on a cloud solution
Run Jenkins inside a container using Docker
Discover how the distributed nature of Git and the “merge before build” feature of Jenkins can be used to implement gated check-in
Implement a scalable build farm using Docker and Kubernetes

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