Hammonasset Beach State Park

By Brian Noe & Shelby Docker

Hammonasset Beach State Park - Brian Noe & Shelby Docker

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Major accomplishments are often completed by unknown, extraordinary people. The vision and determination of the founding members of the Special Commission on State Parks swayed the 1913 Connecticut General Assembly to create the Connecticut State Park Commission. Seven years later, Hammonasset Beach State Park finally opened. In the early 1920s, many enjoyed the beach fully clothed (the norm for the day), while some opted for rental bathing suits. With an emerging middle class in the late 1920s, the park started seeing campers using homemade and "modern" manufactured trailers throughout the 1930s. Despite budget constraints, local opposition, economic depression, the devastating 1938 hurricane, and conversion to a war training facility in 1942, the park commissioners and staff ensured that Hammonasset Beach State Park would be enjoyed by generations to come. Because of their efforts, millions of Hammonasset visitors and campers have treasured experiences and memories that transcend generations--made possible by crusaders for the people.

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