Poker Strategy: The Top 100 Best Ways To Greatly Improve Your Poker Game

By Ace McCloud

Poker Strategy: The Top 100 Best Ways To Greatly Improve Your Poker Game - Ace McCloud
  • Title: Poker Strategy: The Top 100 Best Ways To Greatly Improve Your Poker Game
  • By: Ace McCloud
  • Release Date: 2017-03-17
  • Genre: Games

More by Ace McCloud : Poker Strategy: The Top 100 Best Ways To Greatly Improve Your Poker Game

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Are you tired of losing at poker? Do you wish you knew how to play better?

Whether you want to (1) know how to calculate odds the right way, (2) use body language and your opponents' "tells" to your advantage, or (3) win bigger pots with more frequency, then this is the book for you!

Stop wishing and start winning.

If you are looking for practical techniques on winning at poker and coming out ahead more often, then look no further. Poker is a tricky game; if you aren’t using professional strategies, you can walk away from the table a loser. However, if you want to win, you can choose from a host of practical strategies that will make a real difference. This book covers a wide variety of tactics, techniques, and methods you can easily use to improve your poker game tremendously!

Psych 'em out.

In the following pages you will discover a wide variety of psychological tactics to help you predict what your opponents are planning. You will learn proper betting strategies, great bluffing tips, and gaming strategies that will let you take advantage of game mechanics, just like the professionals. You will also get tips from world-class poker players, so you can take advantage of their thousands of hours of winning experience.

Even the odds.

Learn the odds of success for a particular hand and choose your best playing style to maximize your winning potential. I'll explain why certain hands are more powerful than others and describe when to use each playing style to your advantage.

Place your bets wisely.

Learn proper betting strategies, great bluffing tips, along with strategies that will allow you to take advantage of the game mechanics, just like the professionals. Learn the three key questions to ask yourself before you place a bet. Learn the specific situations when raising can give you a strategic advantage and when you do not want to raise. I have also included advice on great betting strategies that are excellent for online play.

What will you learn about poker?
Easy-to-master tips from professional poker players.How to mentally prepare yourself for game time.How to size up your opponents and evaluate their game play.Betting strategies and how to get the upper hand with them.How and when to use various playing styles to your advantage.
You Will Also Discover:
Valuable resources for improving your game play.How to reach and stay inside the winner’s circle.The best ways to win hands with maximum profit.Sneaky strategies that catch your opponents off guard and keep them guessing.
Gain the advantage and start playing better today.

Be a winner: Buy It Now!

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