I, Human Part Nine: Do You Take This Android To Be Your Companion?

By Vito Veii

I, Human Part Nine: Do You Take This Android To Be Your Companion? - Vito Veii
  • Title: I, Human Part Nine: Do You Take This Android To Be Your Companion?
  • By: Vito Veii
  • Release Date: 2018-07-31
  • Genre: Science Fiction

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I, Human Part Nine: Do you take this android to be your companion?

What’s inside.

Our brave adventurers having established a colony on the new planet, dispatch military expeditions to the planets of Andronicus and Wreath to combat the supernatural forces of evil that threaten the entire galaxy.

On the planet of Andronicus, supercomputers, and agents of evil, secretly manipulate the population towards their own ends, as most of humanity with their eyes and stomachs full remain indifferent to the affairs of state seemingly content with their lot. In the meanwhile, the other expedition reaches Wreath where the situation that confronts Vlen and the colonel is even worse.

In the midst of all this, the humans of Andronicus take androids to be companions, arousing the curiosity of the psychologists and sociologists that accompany Captain Wolf and his team.

In his new office on the planet of Andronicus, Captain Wolf wonders what the Padre is doing? He doesn’t know that the Padre will soon be in the fight of his life against an ancient evil in an alien dimension.

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