Big Numbers

By Jack Getze

Big Numbers - Jack Getze
  • Title: Big Numbers
  • By: Jack Getze
  • Release Date: 2016-09-10
  • Genre: Hard-Boiled
    Ratings: 4 From 19 Reviews

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Who wants to kill Austin Carr? Everybody. After all, he's a stockbroker.

About to be ingeniously murdered — snatched off a private fishing yacht by a live, six-hundred-pound giant bluefin — a down-on-his-luck stockbroker recalls the events and bad choices that precipitated his gruesome end. His killer — Mr. Blabbermouth — might be any of a dozen suspects, including a steroid-crazed wrestler angry over Austin's poor investment recommendations, a jealous sales manager often the target of Austin's jokes, and a widow with long red hair, sexy curves, and plenty of secrets. Or could there be another suspect Austin overlooked entirely until he stepped on board that yacht?

Praise for BIG NUMBERS …

"Darkly comic, with an engaging protagonist." — T.J. MacGregor, Edgar Award winner, author of The Tango Key Mysteries

"BIG NUMBERS is a gritty, sexy, violent, and funny book." — Liz Clifford at Reviewed by Liz

"Wonderful characters … well-written, entertaining … a good read." — Connie Anderson for Armchair Interviews

"Indiana Jones has his whip and Luke Skywalker has his light saber, but for Austin Carr, his full-boat grin is the weapon of choice." — Melissa for Lou Reads

"Jack Getze started his career as a newspaper reporter. As a result, BIG NUMBERS is lean and mean, with not a word wasted. A truly fun, genuinely funny read." — Lisa Guidarini for Bluestalking Reader

"Served up with an edginess reminiscent of good noir, sprinkled with a salty dash of pulp fiction plot twists, and delivered in a sardonic voice that bites like the afterburner of a Herradura Gold shooter, Jack Getze hands us a new series it's impossible to ignore." — Susan Goodwill, author of Brigadoom

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