Objective-C for Swift Developers

By Paul Hudson

Objective-C for Swift Developers - Paul Hudson
  • Title: Objective-C for Swift Developers
  • By: Paul Hudson
  • Release Date: 2016-05-13
  • Genre: Programming

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Swift is a powerful, modern programming language that will continue to grow over the years ahead. But with over a million existing apps written in Objective-C, you almost certainly need to be able to read, write, and maintain both Swift and Objective-C if you want to score a great job making iOS apps.

This book and video course is designed to help you transfer your existing Swift skills to Objective-C. It assumes you already know how to make iOS apps with Swift, so zero time is wasted explaining Swift techniques. Instead, I've written this to help you learn Objective-C as quickly as possible – potentially in as little as four hours if you're a fast learner. 

The book follows the same hands-on approach I've used in Hacking with Swift and Pro Swift, which means you learn every concept in context rather than as isolated theory. Once you've finished the course, you'll have all the information you need to create your own Objective-C apps or join a company that requires a working knowledge of Objective-C.

What do you get?

You get a complete, hands-on guidebook explaining how key Swift techniques transfer to Objective-C. I'll be walking you through specific examples like string and array manipulation, blocks vs closures, categories vs extensions, autorelease pools, properties, and more. No time is wasted: I've ruthlessly focused everything so you can complete the course as efficiently as possible.

You'll be learning the latest Objective-C syntax, including generics and nullability, although I'll be marking places where technology is less likely to be adopted in big business.

What's in the course?

- What are pointers?
- How do you create strings, arrays, and dictionaries?
- How do blocks differ from closures?
- How do properties differ from ivars?
- What are weak and strong?
- What are categories?
- How do you handle nullability?
- Where does Objective-C++ come in?
- And much more!

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