Victorian San Francisco Mysteries: Books 1-4 (Maids of Misfortune, Uneasy Spirits, Bloody Lessons, Deadly Proof)

By M. Louisa Locke

Victorian San Francisco Mysteries: Books 1-4 (Maids of Misfortune, Uneasy Spirits, Bloody Lessons, Deadly Proof) - M. Louisa Locke
  • Title: Victorian San Francisco Mysteries: Books 1-4 (Maids of Misfortune, Uneasy Spirits, Bloody Lessons, Deadly Proof)
  • By: M. Louisa Locke
  • Release Date: 2016-07-22
  • Genre: Short Stories

More by M. Louisa Locke : Victorian San Francisco Mysteries: Books 1-4 (Maids of Misfortune, Uneasy Spirits, Bloody Lessons, Deadly Proof)

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The first four books in the romantic and suspenseful Victorian San Francisco Mystery series, Maids of Misfortune, Uneasy Spirits, Bloody Lessons, and Deadly Proof are bundled together at a substantial discount. This Boxed Set of cozy historical mysteries is the perfect gift for readers of any age and is a welcome companion to Pilfered Promises, the fifth book in the series. 

Maids of Misfortune introduces Annie Fuller, a young widow who runs the O'Farrell Street boarding house and supplements her income by giving financial and domestic advice as Madam Sibyl. When one of Madam Sibyl's clients dies in mysterious circumstances, Annie goes undercover as domestic servant to find out the truth about his death. Against his better judgment, Nate Dawson, the Voss family lawyer finds himself drawn into helping in her investigations, alternatively fascinated and frustrated by Annie's independent nature. 

Uneasy Spirits finds Annie Fuller and Nate Dawson, assisted by the boarding house maid, Kathleen, delving into the world of 19th century Spiritualism in order to expose a fraudulent trance medium. She will soon find there are as many secrets as there are spirits swirling around the séance table. Some of those secrets will threaten the foundation of her career as Madam Sibyl and the future of her relationship with Nate Dawson, and, in time, they will threaten her very life itself.

In Bloody Lessons, Annie Fuller has been called in by her beau, Nate Dawson to find out who has been sending poison pen letters about the teachers of San Francisco. The case becomes personal when they discover that Nate's sister, Laura, may be one of the teachers under attack.

First place winner of 2018 Chanticleer's Mystery and Mayhem historical mystery award, Deadly Proof, finds Annie helping her fiancé, Nate Dawson, with a troubling case—defending a female typesetter who is accused of killing her employer. Complicating matters, Nate's sister decides to take the investigation into her own hands.

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Victorian San Francisco Mysteries: Books 1-4 (Maids of Misfortune, Uneasy Spirits, Bloody Lessons, Deadly Proof)
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