Microservices with Docker on Microsoft Azure (Includes Content Update Program), 1/e

By Boris Scholl, Trent Swanson & Daniel Fernandez

Microservices with Docker on Microsoft Azure (Includes Content Update Program), 1/e - Boris Scholl, Trent Swanson & Daniel Fernandez

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Microservices and Docker on Microsoft Azure Unleashed is for anyone who wants to learn how to build microservices-based applications on Azure. Readers can expect to come away with a solid understanding of both the benefits and challenges of microservices based applications. Readers will gain knowledge that can then be applied to designing microservices-based applications on Azure from the ground up, or to deconstruct an existing monolithic application into microservices over time.

The authors, all subject matter experts, participated in the design and implementation of many of these features, as well as working with many internal Microsoft product development teams, such as Azure DB, Skype, and Cortana- groups which have been successfully using microservices architectures for years. They have invaluable experience and perspective when it comes to the considerations and challenges a developer has to consider for designing and building microservices-based applications.

Readers can expect to learn:
The difference between microservices-based applications and traditional monolithic applications, and the pros and cons for each approach About Docker containers in the context of microservices architectures, about basic Docker operations, and about how to create Docker hosts on Azure Best practices for setting up development and dev-ops environments for microservices-based applications Cluster and container orchestration capabilities on Azure Scenarios for monitoring containerized microservices applications and monitoring tools available on Azure How Azure Service Fabric enables developers to develop microservices-based applications
 An extensive sample application demonstrating the microservices concepts discussed throughout the book is included.

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