The Plan: Level III: Peace Never Lasts

By Dan Woods

The Plan: Level III: Peace Never Lasts - Dan Woods
  • Title: The Plan: Level III: Peace Never Lasts
  • By: Dan Woods
  • Release Date: 2016-06-18
  • Genre: Action & Adventure

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In the third book of The Plan series, peace only lasted a short time. Gabe’s leg wound healed and the weeks of recuperation were accompanied by a desire to get back into the fight. After their location is discovered by the agency, the group must flee their cabin retreat. Their escape is not free of dangers. Kill squads are in the area and soon engage them with elimination being the only option.
Through superior tactics and a lot of luck, Gabe, Hanna, JJ, and Sophi escape the clutches of a kill squad once more, but it wouldn’t be the last encounter. The agency is determined to remove the antagonistic group.
Mr. Williams continues his spy duties where he obtains information to fight against the agency more effectively. His life is endangered when he is taken captive by the agency. Gabe’s group must join forces with others to rescue Mr. Williams. Alliances are formed with citizens that are awakening to the invisible threat against the nation.
Battles rage often in the fight to keep the nation free of the agency’s grasp. Not only is the agency a threat, but circumstances created by the agency begin to cause chaos. The agency leader responsible for the incidents that create the chaos is captured.
Under difficult circumstances, Gabe and his group must discover innovative ways to accomplish their missions. Death surrounds them. Hope is all that pushes the group onward. The stakes are getting higher. The risks are growing greater. The nation is in peril. What sacrifices will need to be made after peace is shattered? Only time will tell.

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