DQ Scuba Diving Adventures in Sudan

By Sara Valla

DQ Scuba Diving Adventures in Sudan - Sara Valla
  • Title: DQ Scuba Diving Adventures in Sudan
  • By: Sara Valla
  • Release Date: 2016-03-27
  • Genre: Water Sports

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Stories whispering about the sea.

What you are about to read is a big adventure taking place in the Sudanese Sea. It may also be seen as a set of experiences that the author and the characters have really lived (and keep on living!) in the varicoloured world that moves around a live aboard that was called "Don Questo".

Once upon a time the call of the wild drove men to explore and go beyond both borders drawn on maps and those tracked deep in their hearts.
The story of Don Questo and its characters are the evidence that we are still allowed to dream, and that underwater paradises are still out there somewhere.

Being passionate and adventurous is the thread that goes throughout this book. This book is dedicated to all scuba divers. Thanks to this book even those who are not bubble makers may discover the emotions that we feel when we go to the deep and are faced with its sea creatures and inhabitants.
It is about adventures lived with our heads underwater (but not only) and stories that are whispering about the sea...
...of a great passion for the sea...
...of adrenaline rushes...
...of sharks and more sharks.

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