Tableau 9: The Official Guide (Enhanced Edition)

By George Peck

Tableau 9: The Official Guide (Enhanced Edition) - George Peck
  • Title: Tableau 9: The Official Guide (Enhanced Edition)
  • By: George Peck
  • Release Date: 2015-10-22
  • Genre: Databases

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Master the powerful tools and features of Tableau 9

Deliver meaningful BI visualizations and real-time dashboards to users across your organization—quickly and easily. Written by an experienced author and certified trainer, Tableau 9: The Official Guide offers step-by-step instruction, best practices, examples, and downloadable video tutorials. See how to get up-and-running on Tableau, load data, drag and drop components, add graphics and maps, create complex calculations, and distribute dynamic dashboards and stories. This practical book teaches how to work with Tableau Server, write custom programs, and publish your results to the Web.

· Connect to data from different systems, spreadsheets, and databases

· Use pre-defined visualizations, sample workbooks, and Show Me

· Analyze with graphs, charts, tables, and statistics

· Create advanced calculations, including new level of detail expressions

· Add geographic analysis and Internet-provided background maps

· Combine multiple visualizations into dynamic dashboards and stories

· Export to the Web and to other file formats using Tableau Server, Online and Public

· Develop custom programs with JavaScript, REST, and Tableau Data Extract APIs

Electronic content includes:

· Videos that demonstrate the techniques presented in the book

· Sample Tableau workbooks

· Complete formula language reference