My Best Friend's Brother (Book 1)

By Chrissy Favreau

My Best Friend's Brother (Book 1) - Chrissy Favreau
  • Title: My Best Friend's Brother (Book 1)
  • By: Chrissy Favreau
  • Release Date: 2015-11-04
  • Genre: Romance
    Ratings: 4.5 From 55 Reviews

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Book One in the MY BEST FRIEND'S BROTHER Series ( YA Contemporary Romance / Romantic Comedy )

- CONTENT WARNING This book contains non-graphic sexual content and some strong language. -

When Lilly announced that her estranged brother is coming to live with her, Adonia was shocked—she had no idea her best friend even had a brother! Adonia doesn’t have long to process this revelation before Lilly jets off to vacation in sunny Florida, leaving her alone for weeks. Adonia doesn’t know how she’s going to pass the time, but that changes one morning when she’s sitting in a local book store and spots the sexiest guy she’s ever seen. Little does she know, he’s spotted her too.

His name is Luke, and he’s smokin’ hot—so hot that Adonia has dubbed him a Greek god!

Luke sweeps her off her feet, beats the tar out of her jerky ex-boyfriend at school, and is a perfect gentleman—what’s not to love about her Greek god? He’s an award-winning skier and Olympic hopeful, and he’s fallen in love with HER! But between stolen kisses, moonlight skiing and heated whispers, Adonia has the feeling Luke is keeping secrets. When she tries to get him to share, Luke clams up. Not knowing what to do, Adonia decides to back off, but has no idea that everything is about to come crashing down around her. Her love for Luke is about to be tested beyond any relationship she’s ever had! Will their love survive the test? Or will Adonia end up with nothing, just as she was starting to think she had everything?

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