Turning the Page

By Katrina Abbott

Turning the Page - Katrina Abbott
  • Title: Turning the Page
  • By: Katrina Abbott
  • Release Date: 2015-11-26
  • Genre: Romance
    Ratings: 5 From 11 Reviews

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Celia Thomas should be living a charmed life; as the niece of Hollywood’s current it guy, whose whole family is on the payroll, she doesn’t have to worry about money or future job prospects. Except maybe she doesn’t want to go into the family business. Although with her marks being what they are, there’s a chance she won’t even finish her year at The Rosewood Academy for Academic Excellence, let alone find her perfect career. After years of just skating by, she’s now flunking everything and the dean isn’t going to stand for it for much longer.

At least her romantic prospects are looking up as things start to heat up in the kitchen with Shane, her student supervisor. Then, Evan Jenkins, or Jenks—another long-time crush—starts showing interest. Two guys; what a problem to have! But Celia knows she needs to focus on her marks because getting the boot from Rosewood will kill all her chances at romance and finding a happily ever after. Knowing she can’t do it on her own, Celia hires a tutor, but in many ways that just complicates things even more.

It seems the only things she can count on are her friends: her Rosewood girls and the new tutor who seems so worldly and knows a lot more than just algebra and history. But can the girl who seems to have everything really have it all?

Turning the Page is the ninth installment of The Rosewoods, an exciting Young Adult series for readers who love fun, flirty love stories. 

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