Numbers and Counting

By Andrew Alex

Numbers and Counting - Andrew Alex
  • Title: Numbers and Counting
  • By: Andrew Alex
  • Release Date: 2015-07-20
  • Genre: Counting & Numbers

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This set of 117 cards is designed to help children up to primary school age develop their understanding of numbers.
• The set includes numbers from one to thirty, with figures illustrated with appealing photos of a relevant number of objects and the words spelt out.
• Highlighting the first part of the words for the numbers thirteen to nineteen emphasises the connection with the relevant single figure numbers. This helps children understand them and memorise their order.
• Eggs boxed in sets of ten will help your child quickly learn how to count by tens up to 100.
• Medals, a birthday cake and a calendar help to understand small ordinal numbers (1st–5th). A selection of and larger ones up to 78,901st are included to expand young children’s minds!
• Numerals from other cultures, including Indian, Arabic, Hebrew and Chinese as well as Roman, set the world of numbers in a global context.
Easy as 1-2-3? You’ll be surprised how your child’s understanding of numbers and counting develops with these fun and challenging flashcards.

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